Crop Top and Skirt

How to Wear a Crop Top and Skirt for Every Occasion; Get 5 Perfect Styles!

How to Wear a Crop Top and Skirt for Every Occasion

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If you’ve been following the fashion world for the past couple of years, then you would know that a pair of crop top and skirt is a huge trend right now. From celebrities to school girls, everyone seems to wear crop tops and skirts non-stop!

However, since this is a trend that most people will grow tired of in time, it’s important that you learn how to wear a crop top and skirt so that you can incorporate them into your wardrobe for a long time. Read on for advice on how to wear both these garments in different but perfect ways.

Get to Know about Crop Top

A crop top is a top that is shorter than your average top. It should be at least 2-3 inches above your belly button, but you should wear the one that you feel most comfortable in. Crop tops are often worn over high-waist skirts or with high-waist shorts.

The cropped tops are great if you don’t want to show much skin or if you want to cover up your tummy, but they are also very stylish! Crop tops come in many different fabrics and styles. You can find them in almost any color and pattern. They are a great way to spice up your wardrobe, and you can wear them year-round.

How to Wear a Crop Top & Skirt Perfectly

A skirt and crop top is a very popular combination. It’s a little bit edgy and a little bit girly. It’s a perfect outfit for a night out. If you want to rock this look, you can either wear the skirt high-waist or low-waist.

You can also make the look even more interesting by adding a blazer or a jacket to it. There are many ways in which you can wear a crop top and skirt. You can wear them together casually with an oversized t-shirt or a turtleneck, or you can make it a little bit dressier by layering a blazer over it. In addition, you can;

  • Team a skirt and crop top together with a pair of tights to create a cute and casual look.
  • Wear them together with booties or pumps to make the outfit a little bit dressier.
  • Wear a crop top and skirt together with sneakers or casual shoes.

Here are some other ways in which you can wear a skirt with a crop top.

Make a Pair with a Same-Colored Crop Top & Skirt

Pair up Same-Colored Crop Top & SkirtBy the way, there is no limit to pick and choose a crop top and skirt. But if you want to get a monochrome look, make a pair of same-colored tops and bottoms. When you unite the same shade over to you, such a unicorn dress can be used as formal wear. However, it can easily go with casual wear as well.

The same colors also exhibit seasoned vibes. Spring to summer, this pair is not going anywhere. From your friend’s birthday party to your important meetings with clients, you can wear this monochrome combo of crop top and skirt effortlessly.

Choose a Solid-Colored Crop Top with Floral Skirt

Chooe a solid-colored top with floral skirtIt depends on your personal choice and taste, whether you want a short-length or full-length skirt with a crop top. But if you aspire to get a chic and stunning look, you can choose a solid-colored crop top with a floral print skirt that usually seems perfect in full length.

This amazing combo of a crop top and skirt will be a staple pair of your wardrobe, as it is ideal to rock on the spring gala. The elegant, flowery design on a flowing skirt casts a throw of charming vibes, and the solid-colored top adds more value to it.

Make a Combo with Contrasting Colors

Make a Combo in Contrasting ColorsNo one can reject a contrasting color amalgamation. So, why not you bring this elegant fashion mode in a crop top and skirt? In color contrast, there are thousands of pairing options. But if you want to go with my suggestions, see below!

  • Choose subtle hues (powder-pink, sky-blue, lemon-yellow, grass-green, etc.) for a crop top in cotton fabric and blue jeans skirt for the summer season.
  • Pair up bright colors (yellow, parrot, orange, pink, purple, etc.) for a crop top in cotton or silk fabric with solid-colored jeans skirt for the spring season.
  • Wear semi-solid to somewhat dark shades (tobacco-brown, Prussian-blue, crimson-red, etc.) in leather fabric and a skirt of the same fabric or jeans but in contrast color for winter or fall.

Black & White Always Fit Perfectly

Black & White Always Fit Perfectly

From the 30s’ to the 90s’ and later on, even still now in the twenty-first century, nothing can beat the Black & White combo in robes. Taking the same appeal, you have a wide room open to pairing up your crop top and skirt in these two solid colors that ruled the world for decades.

Again it’s your own choice whether you want to keep your top black and bottom white or vice versa. But in both cases, you will look more than awesome. Even you can opt for this as formal dress for your office hours and evening parties as well.

Layer out a Cardigan or Jacket

Layer a Cardigan or Jacket over Crop Top

Some things matter a lot while choosing an outfit. Like, what dress you want to opt for, in what season, and for what occasion. So, if you have a crop top and skirt, but you don’t know how this pair will look more chunky and stylish in your get-together or a festivity in the fall. Then layer a cardigan or a jacket over your top.

Generally, you can make any combo of a crop top and skirt, whether same-colored or contrast-colored. But choosing a cardigan can be somewhat tricky. According to my perspective, you can wear a print coat or cardigan over a solid-colored top and vice versa. This will really be an amazing style and accentuate your beauty to a high level.

Pro Tip

Wearing a crop top and skirt is too easy as well as too tricky. Since this is a classic and trendy fashion of woman tops. You have a wide range of options to pick and choose to make a perfect combo according to your own choice. I hope so; all your ambiguities have been resolved now regarding how to wear a crop top and skirt in different modes for different occasions. So, whenever you feel stuck to make a perfect pair of the said top and bottom, read this blog once again!