Get rid of the heavy, puffy tops and opt for the V Neck Tank Top this year. Tailored in a versatile mode as the front half of the collar is angled down the center to form V-shape. Having a comfortable and loose fit, the ultimate sleek and stylish design makes this top an essential layering under the jackets or your favorite blazers. 

Our more comfy, lightweight and polished V Neck Tank Top contouring with a variety of colors best fitted to your all formal occasions. From solid colors to floral prints or other unique designs, with sleeveless hallmarks enhance your inner beauty to beam out. A lightweight and breathable, gracefully sewed, this top adds an unexpected yet stylish twist to the other tanks overwhelmingly. 

Though, a variety of materials can fabricate this top. But to keep your body in perfect shape, stretchy fabrics are good to opt for. More elasticity gives your body a balancing tone and more flexibility to move with ease. Therefore, we offer the high-stretched fabric of this silhouette in our woman’s attire store that grants you a second-skin feel. 

Brighten any ensemble in an instant with this V Neck Tank Top. Regardless of any particular body shape, whether petite or athletic, curvy or extra slim, and any shoulder width – from narrow to wide, this extra smooth Tank detailing with V Neckline will remain well-suited for all. 

The elegant V neckline paves the way for climaxing your jewels as well. Pair it up with Satin Iris pants to get a sleek monochromatic look. You will appear crisp and clean due to make it very appealing and sharp when you wear it. Keep yourself cool and calm with freedom of movement in well-ventilated arms by choosing our ultra-soft V Neck Tank Top. It’s too good to pick to rock the 19s’ style. 

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