Our Privacy Policy at a Glance!

At Woman Tops, we ensure to provide the best products and services to our customers. Alongside this, our goal is to feel good to all the customers and site visitors with a high level of confidence by handling their personal details in a secure way.  

This Privacy Policy explains how our site www.womantops.com collects, processes, or stores the users’ info and personal data. We give 100% assurance of protecting the privacy of all users whether they are customers or just site visitors. All the data that they share to the site for any purpose, we’re committed to keeping them private. 

Well! Here you can get to know how we communicate with our users and make a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with them. And this will only happen when they feel safe and secure while sharing their details. 

Who We Are.

We are among the world’s leading apparel store owners at www.womantops.com. In order to sell our high-quality women’s tops, we have to collect personal info, like name, email, contact details, etc., from the customers or even the site visitors. But we are obliged to care about all the information that we ask for and what we get from the user’s side.  

What do we ask for?

When the users land on our site, we ask for various forms of information from their side. This mainly entails;

  • Identification Info 

Some personal information that’s necessary for selling our products as, Name, Alias, Email and Mailing Address, IP addresses, Account Credentials, Credit Card details, or other billing info.  

  • Commercial Info

All the info during buying and selling of the products and their transactions, like the purchased products, payment method either credit card or debit card, order status, items in the wish lists, items in the shopping carts, and the product review info.

  • Demographic Info

This mainly includes age group, gender, ZIP code, birth date, country and city of residence, and other related info about the users. 

  • Cookies Info

On browsing our site, we send TWO forms of cookies to the user’s site. One form disappears on closing our site browser as these are session cookies. Whereas the persistent cookies remain in the user’s search browser even after closing it. 

Why We Use Your Personal Info?

Our site follows the legitimate way that processes the user’s data for several rationales. Among various reasons, the main one is to build a contract with the users when they register on our site and shop for their favorite garments. 

As we sell our exclusive ladies’ apparel, so we use the given personal data of users in order to manage user registration and purchases of all the products, respond to all queries on time, and send you the newsletter (if you have subscribed). Overall, your info assists the site in better communication with you and meets the quality assurance of our products. 

How We Use Your Data 

All the data that we collect from our users (site visitors as well as customers), we use them in various forms and ways. Such as;

For managing the user’s account

When a person wants to shop at www.womantops.com, it’s essential to create an account or register as a user. While this process, as we get the personal details from the users’ side, we use them to identify them as users and give them access to use their accounts.

For operating the site 

As we have to operate, manage, and handle all the features of the site, we need customers’ personal info. This way, we can support our users via efficiently responding to all queries and comments. 

For administrating purposes 

Various administrative purposes demand the user’s personal info, i.e., name and email address. Like we have to deliver the best customer care service and send certain communications. Whether updating about products or upcoming info guides, running any promotion campaigns or events like quality surveys, we use the collected info and respond accordingly. 

For transparent transactions

When a person buys any product from our site, we have to manage the payment of all purchases. Overall, we are obliged for keeping the orders in an organized form, saving the card data, analyzing paid orders and unpaid, managing potential exchanges and return orders, and making sure the availability of invoices. Thus, we ensure transparency in transactions while the entire shopping process. 

For personalizing user experience

As per the interests and preferences, what we receive from the user side, we tailor our products and customize our services accordingly. We care about their choices when they comment on our site or message us about their interests. So, we track and categorize all of their activities. What they like or what not, what they acknowledge or what not, our store ensures to meet their demands by personalizing their experiences. 

For analyzing trends

To meet the users’ demands with the latest trends, we use the collected info for analyzing and understanding the usage trends of our users. What products they prefer more and what style they want to opt for, we narrow down all. This assists in improving our site by updating new products and features with better functionality. 

For marketing & advertising 

We have to take your info for communicating with related to marketing and advertising purposes, i.e., to perform promotional actions. Besides, if you subscribe to our newsletter, we manage the subscription process and send you customized information. Moreover, we get your interests and suggestions on what you want more from our site and what you feel better about. 

Your Rights & Choices at Woman Tops 

As you share your personal details with us, there are some rights for you to use your info as well. The main choices that you have at Woman Tops are;

  • You can view your data on our site. Your name, personal email, payment methods, billing and shipping addresses, and all the transaction info including orders, purchases, and returns will be visible to you. 
  • You can inform us if you feel any mistake or inaccuracy in your personal details. Whether any discrepancy is issued from your side (while sharing details) or our side (while processing your data). 
  • You will be able to edit your account details when you need to update them. Name, email address, shopping cart, shipping addresses, payment modes, and other formalities. Just log in to your account at www.womantops.com and update your info. Moreover, you can personally message us by filling out the contact form on the Contact Us page. 
  • One of the most important rights you have is that you can inform us about how your personal data is being used. In the case of any query, feel free to contact us. 
  • You have a right to stop direct commercial ads or marketing messages on your account if you feel annoyed by them. 
  • On any complaints regarding disclosing your info, you can complain to us for data protection regulations. 

This way, we manage our customers’ privacy policy by identifying them and giving them the right to use their personal info legitimately.

Our Cookies Policy 

In order to give you a personalized shopping experience and analyze our website traffic, we have to use our cookies and some similar technologies. As cookies are actually data files when a user visits a website, these carry the personal info of the users and store it in their devices. 

While landing on Woman Tops, you will get two choices to opt for, either ‘Allow Cookies’ or ‘Reject Cookies’ or some relevant options. So, being a user, choose any of them. But a point to note is that if you accept our cookies, your account (if you create it) details will be saved to our site and to your browser as well. However, if you reject them, it will affect your experience of the site as well as the services that we have to offer on our site. Moreover, we can’t track your visit and data. 

How we use our cookies

Don’t worry about the visibility of our cookies option on our site. These are considered as the files that we use to;

  • Navigate our site for users and other operational processes
  • Analyze the number of visitors and their actions on the overall site or any specific web page 
  • Permit users to add products to their shopping carts and update their wishlists
  • Assess how our sales offers and advertising campaigns are going on
  • Identify the best affiliate programs that let more leads and conversions for the site

How to Contact us 

If you have any concerns or want to know something about our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact our site in the given details. 

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