Do you ever think of attracting bugs, being a butterfly? Butterfly Top can do that without any hassle. You want to be unique and stylish, and we care about your feelings. Thus, we open the door for making you a more pretty and attractive outfit that let your eyes unblinking when you see this.  

Fashioned with delicate but durable fabrics that give you a more stylish and attractive look with a soft and comfier feel. Easy to put on and take off. Having wide and loose back details with narrow and lean strips to tie off, this top will engage you to get admiring confessions from your besties. 

This glamorous silhouette is one of the versatile features of our Trendy Tops collection and seems a good pick for your casual summer attires. Seamlessly awesome and a pointed conical fit with butterfly detailing grab the attention of anyone where you will move out with this Butterfly Top

Like various other camisoles, this top trendy look will easily go as the underlayer of a mesh blazer or any upper denim but of solid color. Because the sequin and larval color gradients have their own unusual distinction. By the way, in a solitary form, this garment is not only less than anymore. 

Is your friend’s birthday coming soon and have you stuck to make the decision on the best present for her? Now, your all worries would be wiped off. Our splendid textured Butterfly Top is an ideal piece to present to your bestie as a memorable gift for her life’s special day. You will definitely fill her day full of glaring memories, she will never forget it. 

The coolest top that fulfills your dream to be flattering like a butterfly is ready to wear at Woman Tops with various designs and color schemes, elegant like all the beautiful and attractive butterflies. 

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