A mysterious version of women’s tops is the Mermaid Top which confounds you in one piece of charming hues and fish form. The more shimmery, more glittery, beautiful sea shell details over your bust compel everybody to stick their eyes over you. 

What do you have decided to wear for now upcoming beach funda? We have resolved your problem by introducing the chic style and highly erotic Mermaid Top at Woman Tops. The elegant styles, embellished with chains, glitters, or various other ornaments make this top hit up with sparkling texture. Mainly sea colors and some other funky colors are here to glamorize you to the next level. 

Our fabulous variety of mermaid tops and tails grant you a perfect body for hassle-free swimming. By the way, you are not bound to wear this Mermaid Top, which can be said to be a swimsuit too, with its relevant tail. Rather, it will also seem flawless with ripped jeans, mini plaited skirts, or any other bottom as per your fav. 

Whether you have to relish in the pool or enjoy a picnic at sea shore, this swimsuit will come in handy. Lightweight and pretty styles give you an everlasting look. This amazing swimwear is not only for swimming. It says YES for wearing it at cocktail parties and night occasions, due to its sparkling nature. And the fish style will be perfectly fit as a costume for theme parties. 

Another interesting feature of this top is that it can be layered under your black or white denim too in order to look cool in a versatile manner. The attention-grabbing body suit has lovely shots for each eye, and the hidden uniqueness of fairy style will update your modish version if you tuck some feathers on your back. What a dreamy look you would get…👻

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