Fishnet Top

How to Style a Fishnet Top with Confidence and Style!

Fishnet Top

You know you want to rock a fishnet top. It’s that confident, sex-appeal-inducing piece of clothing that makes women swoon and men hit the books to learn how to style it correctly. The best way to understand why you need to rock those fishnets is by looking at some examples.

From a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend to a modern-day renaissance woman, there are plenty of fashionistas who can prove that fishnet stockings are more than just a gimmick — they get results! Or do we all talk about how great they are? Keep reading if you’re ready for profound confidence and style tips on rocking your fishnet top!

Step 1: Define Your Skin Tone And Size Wisely

Fishnet stockings come in a variety of skin tones and sizes. If you’re unsure whether you should go with a darker or lighter color, it’s best to go with the darker option as it will contrast more with your skin tone better than a weaker color will. 

For example, wearing black fishnet stockings with a light skin tone will look like you’ve got a shadow on your face, and they’ll stand out. On the other hand, wearing white fishnet stockings with a dark skin tone will make you look like you have no skin on your body, making you look gaunt and unhealthy. Fishnet Top

The same goes for bust sizes — if you’re unsure whether you should wear a smaller or larger size, go with the larger size, as it will make your figure look more proportionate.

Step 2: Don’t Forget About The Cuffs

Cuffs on fishnet stockings are super popular, but if you don’t wear them that often, you don’t need to stress about them getting in the way of your style. One of the things to remember about fishnet stockings is that the cuffs are the most challenging part to style. 

If you want to keep everything together but don’t want to put a ton of time and effort into it, roll up the cuff and tie it in a knot or a bow. If you do decide to wear them a lot, you can always invest in clip-on cuffs so they won’t get in the way.

Step 3: Go Bold With A Printed Fishnet Top

If you’re looking for extra pizzazz, try a printed fishnet top. You can get them in a few different prints and patterns — sometimes, they’re printed on canvas, and other times they’re printed on canvas with a stunning metal-plated finish. 

If you’re willing to go with a more risky design, wear them with black and white shorts for a white shoe-gaze look. If you want to keep it under the radar, you can always wear a classic black and white top with embroidered designs. A basic white tank top will do the trick if you’re looking for an easy, no-fuss alternative.

Step 4: Go Classic With A Ribbon Fishnet Top

A classic fishnet top is just what you need if you’re looking for a more conservative alternative. You can wear these on the weekend and still look classically sexy. If you want to step up the sexiness level, try a ribbon fishnet top. These are super fashionable, and the combination of the two will look stacked and professional. 

Even better, you can wear a ribbons top with various outfits — it’s versatile, which is why it’s such a big part of the fashion world. If you want to look like a true classic, wear a black and white ribbon top with black Pantsu or a black and white ribbon top with your favorite pair of denim.

Step 5: Ruffle It Up For A Rocker LookFishnet Top

If you’re looking for extra impact, a ruffle at the hem or cuffs on your fishnet top is what you need. This helps create that classic “Rocky” look, which is iconic in boxing. If you’re willing to go that extra mile, try a ruffle that is three-quarters of the way up the leg. 

This will make your fishnets stand out even more and make other people’s eyes stop rotating in their sockets when they see you walk by!


Regarding fashion, it’s important to remember that you don’t need to do it all yourself — especially when you’re starting. There are plenty of unique brands out there that can help you out with their expertly designed garments. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help when it comes to style. A friend can always be more than a friend in fashion and styling. So, if you need a hand with your class, feel free to ask!

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