Puff Sleeve Tops

The Puff Sleeve Top Trend Is Here to Stay – See 4 Amazing Styles

The Puff Sleeve Top Trend is here to stay

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The puff sleeve trend isn’t going anywhere for a while. In fact, it’s more than likely here to stay. And that’s because it has so much potential to continue growing on us from here on out. 

In case you don’t know what a puff sleeve top is, it’s basically a sleeveless t-shirt with an extended flared sleeve at the shoulder area instead of sleeves. It looks like the bottom half of another top is sewn onto the top of another top (does this make sense?). 

However, if you take a closer look at where the sleeves would be, you will see that they are actually extensions of the shirt itself.

Why the Puff Sleeve Top Is Here to Stay

Puff Sleeve Top is highly versatileWhen you talk about some modern yet classic modes of women’s fashion, the puff sleeve top comes in the first queue. Being fluffy on both arms, it adds an unusual attraction to the wearer that every modern woman wants to get in order to look gorgeous. 

As the puff sleeve top is so versatile, it’s perfect for any season, weather, and occasion. You can style it casually with leggings and sneakers, or you can style it formally with a pair of high heels. 

You can rock it by itself during the warmer months or layer it with a blazer or cardigan during the colder months. You can also wear it during the day or at night effortlessly. Basically, there is no wrong way to style a puff sleeve top.

Puff Sleeve Tops Are Extremely Versatile

The puff sleeve top is extremely versatile. You can wear it by itself or as a layering piece. Moreover, you can wear it to work, school, or even on a date. 

You can even wear it to sleep if you want to. The PS top can be worn with almost anything, anytime, anywhere. What’s not to love about that?

The Puff Sleeve Top Currently Comes in 3 Colors

The PS top comes in three colors – black, red, and white. While black can be worn with almost any outfit, white and red are generally reserved for special occasions. So, if you don’t want to wear a PS top every day, you can choose to wear it only on special occasions. 

However, if you don’t see yourself wearing the PS top on special occasions, you can always purchase it in black. Aside from having the most versatile color, black is also the most classic color that never goes out of style.

Puff Sleeve Tops Are Incredibly Comfortable

Puff Sleeve Top is incredibly comfortableThe PS top is incredibly comfortable, especially when you’re wearing it during the summer. The abbreviated puff sleeves allow for maximum arm movement, and the lightweight fabric lets your skin breathe. 

By wearing a PS top in the summer, you also get to enjoy the added benefit of not getting as warm as you would when you’re wearing a sleeved top.

4 Stylish Ways to Wear the Puff Sleeve Top

Whether there is no restriction to style a puff sleeve top. But here, you can get 4 awesome styles to wear this amazing top detailed with puff sleeves.

Chic and Comfy: 

This is the most basic way to wear a PS top. Simply pair it with a pair of leggings and a pair of sneakers for a casual look. 

Simple and Sleek: 

To wear a PS top in a simple yet sleek way, pair it with a high-waist skirt, simple flats, and a sophisticated bag.

Casual and Elegant: 

This PS top and leggings combination is perfect if you want to look casual but still want to look elegant. 

Formal and Professional: 

If you want to wear a PS top in a formal way, pair it with a pencil skirt or a full-length skirt, a blazer, and a pair of stilettos.


The Puff Sleeve Top is one of the trendy items in women’s apparel. Though it has continued for decades, still, its fashion and trend haven’t go old. Rather, it has become a must-have style to opt for festivals and a collection for each woman’s wardrobe. 

Regardless of its specific styling options, it can easily merge in various forms and bottoms. Moreover, it permits you to rock on any occasion with your best-loved high heels. However, boots or sneakers are also the best matches to pair it. 

Whether it’s day or night, spring or fall, the Puff Sleeve top can fit at all. Its versatility and chic details in contrasting fabrics make it perfect to wear for almost all age groups. So, you have no need to take much time to choose this. Just think about the occasion and put your hands over it. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]